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Stephen Curry

ステフィン・カリーこと、ワーデル・ステフィン・カリー2世はアメリカ合衆国・オハイオ州アクロン生まれ、ノースカロライナ州シャーロット出身のバスケットボール選手。NBAのゴールデンステート・ウォリアーズのポイントガード。 歴代最高のシューターと名高い。父親はNBAのホーネッツやキャバリアーズで活躍したデルカリーである。


NBA ドラフト: 2009年


Success is not an accident, success is actually a choice.


I’m not the guy who’s afraid of failure. I like to take risks, take the big shot and all that.


I’ve never been afraid of big moments. I get butterflies.. I get nervous and anxious, but I think those are all good signs that I’m ready for the moment.


I can get better. I haven’t reached my ceiling yet on how well I can shoot the basketball.


Every time I rise up, I have confidence that I’m going to make it.


There’s more to life than basketball. The most important thing is your family and taking care of each other and loving each other no matter what.


“I know I have a place in Heaven waiting for me because of Him, and that’s something no earthly prize or trophy could ever top.”


I do a little sign on the court every time I make a shot or a good pass and i pound my chest and point to the sky – it symbolizes that I have a heart for God. It’s something that my mom and I came up with in college and I do it every time i step on the floor as a reminder of who I’m playing for.


I want to practice to the point where it’s almost uncomfortable how fast you shoot, so that in the game things kind of slow down.


I can’t say enough: how important my faith is to how I play the game and who I am.


I’d rather be a non-All-Star playing in the Western Conference finals than an All-Star who’s sitting at home in May.


Be the best version of yourself in anything you do. You don’t have to live anybody else’s story.


Being a superstar means you’ve reached your potential, and I don’t think I’ve reached my potential as a basketball player and as a leader yet.


Basketball isn’t just a sport. It is an art, one that must be mastered to succeed.


If you don’t fall ,how are you going to know what getting up is like.


Make sure you live in the moment and work your butt off every single day.


I really cherish everything that basketball brings; and I think, for me, it’s been a great ride and I’m not done yet…


Basketball was mine, and that’s what’s carried me to this point.


Success is born out of faith, an undying passion, and a relentless drive.


Success comes after you conquer your biggest obstacles and hurdles.


If you take time to realize what your dream is and what you really want in life — no matter what it is, whether it’s sports or in other fields — you have to realize that there is always work to do, and you want to be the hardest working person in whatever you do, and you put yourself in a position to be successful. And you have to have a passion about what you do.


I can do all things.


When it come to basketball, I was always the smallest kid on my team. I had a terrible, ugly, catapult shot from the time I was 14 because I wasn’t strong enough to shoot over my head, and I had to reconstruct that over the summer and it was the worst three months of my life. 


The more years I go, the more experience I have, the more that nutrition and eating the right foods is important for recovery and things like that.


There’s more to me than just this jersey I wear.


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